The Destination

Perched above 4 Elements Beach on the Pacific Ocean Island of Contadora rests our Balinese inspired resort. The 4 Elements Resort on Isla Contadora occupies the prime position on one of the most enchanting islands rich in history in all of the Americas. From the beach below the resort to the pools, villas, gardens, and temples each facet of the resort was designed to immerse our guests in the paradise and culture found on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

The untouched natural beauty of the property is the real gem of the 4 Elements experience. Likewise, the rich Panamanian cultural experience waiting to be discovered by our guests beyond the walls of the Resort. The colors, textures, and tastes of Contadora Island with its distinct authenticity and intimacy is a trait that keeps our guests coming back again and again. From sport fishing to whale watching, island hopping to cruising Contadora and the Pearl Islands offer the best of island and beach experiences. There is always something to do and see in Contadora.

The island is a sanctuary of natural beauty and has become over the last 50 years the playground of the rich and famous.

Today and historically it maintains its spot as the most illustrious island in the Pearl Islands and all of Panama. Contadora boasts 11 gorgeous white sand beaches and the crystal clear, blue, and turquoise waters normally associated with the Caribbean Sea or the distant waters of the South Pacific. The island is teaming with natural beauty and has become over the last 50 years the playground of the rich and famous. The likes of The Rockefellers, Sophia Lauren, Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe, Christian Dior, Ives St. Laurent, John Wayne, the Shah of Iran, Julio Iglesias and The Kennedy’s have all been known to frequent or own properties on the island. Today, the islands primary residents are affluent Panamanians. It is the most sought after beach home address in Panama and perhaps in all of Central America.

Before becoming the place of respite for the rich and famous it was an outpost and haven for some of the most notorious conquistadors, privateers, and pirates the world has ever known. The Island got its name from the Spanish word “Contador” or “Accountant” as this was the island prior to leaving Panama to return to Spain that all inventories of the ships “Booty” would be recorded. As well it was historically, where the local indigenous, as well as enslaved pearl divers, would take all the pearls from the surrounding islands to be weighed, measured, and traded.

How to Get There

4 Elements guests can arrive by either air or sea to Isla Contadora.

Once you arrive by air or sea one of our staff will be there to quickly pick you up offering hot towels and an assortment of beverages for the short drive to the resort. From the airport or any of the ports of entry by boat or ferry via golf cart the drive to 4 Elements is only 5 minutes.

See below contact information for the above listed commercially operators offering scheduled service to and from the island.

The quickest way to get to the island is a quick hop by plane from the Albrook Airport in Panama City. It is a short 15 minute flight across the Pacific in order to land and reach the airstrip on the island. Flights are operated and run on a schedule by Air Panamá the countries primary domestic carrier. Additionally, many guests and homeowners come via private charter or their own personal aircraft. Likewise, another very popular means to arriving on Contadora by air is via helicopter. There is no regularly scheduled commercial service but several private helicopters do service and offer flights and charters to Contadora. The average helicopter flight is about 35 minutes to reach the island Our concierge service is happy to help arrange and help schedule any of our guests air travel needs.

Currently there are two ferry services that operate on a daily basis bring and retrieving residents and guest to and from Isla Contadora.

Ferry Las Perlas departs from the JW Marriott dock in Punta Pacifica (Previously known as TOC - Trump Ocean Club) each morning and returning to the same dock late afternoon. The Ferry Las Perlas offers two classes of cabins, air conditioning, seats with USB charging stations, meals, snacks and sells both non-alcoholic and alcohol beverages to its passengers as well as televised entertainment. The average trip time is 80 minutes and offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some time on the water and in most cases encountering pods of whales along the way.

Sea Las Perlas also offers daily service and excursions to and around Isla Contadora. They have multiple ferries that disembark from the Causeway in Amador to and from Isla Contadora and nearby Isla Saboga. They also offering snacks and beverages for sale and the overall average time to and from ranges from 80 to 90 minutes.

Private boat rentals and charters are another very popular means of getting to and from Contadora. This is a very popular method of transport and allows many of our guests several advantages. First, the flexibility to come and go on your own schedule. Depending on the boats size and motors some boats can make the trip in even under an hour. It also allows for the flexibility to stop along the way and whale watch, fish and explore some of the other nearby islands of the archipelago. It also offers our guests the ability throughout their stay at 4 Elements a boat to fish, explore or cruise Contadora and all of the surrounding islands, keys and beaches.

The Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands Archipelago is made up of nearly 90 different named islands of all shapes and sizes and approximately another 100 +/- small islets or keys. However, Contadora being the only island offering an operational airport with daily commercial and private flights, multiple daily ferry boat service from Panama City and the typical amenities you would expect on a top tier island destination such as a variety of fine restaurants, several small grocery stores, a police presence, medical clinic and some of the best roads in the entire Republic of Panama.

The Pearl Islands Chain is made up of nearly 90 named islands of all shapes and sizes