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Reset, Reconnect and Reinvigorate yourself and all your senses at our pristine resort property.

Immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you

All of our resorts are a place for introspection, personal growth and most importantly the experience. Each and every 4 Elements resort property in its own unique way is designed to be a sanctuary for the senses and limitless discovery. Discovery from within by our guests and of each property and its unique location and its surroundings.

The Resort

The 4 Elements on Isla Contadora is located in Panama’s illustrious Pearl Island Archipelago. 4 Elements is a “Balinese” inspired property in one of the most exclusive destinations in all of the Americas. Contadora Island is a veritable picture postcard equivalent to the exotic tropical island settings of the distant South Pacific. Contadora combines the breathtaking beauty of the unspoiled nature of Panama with all of its first world services and amenities.

The resort pairs both the excuisite traditional Balinese design and that of modern 21st century stylings. The property boasts breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from each of its resort villas. The villas sit perched just above the sand atop our 6 meter-high clifftop over our beach and sea. It has proven to be the ideal location to launch the first 4 Elements Eco-Luxe Resort Property.

The Destination

Just about 45 miles from the hustle and bustle from the Capital of Panama resting in the calm waters of the Bay of Panama sits the jewel of all Islands in Panama, Contadora. It is a most beautiful and exotic island steeped in history and great allure.

Contadora boasts 11 gorgeous white sand beaches and the crystal clear, blue and turquoise waters normally associated with the Caribbean Sea or the distant waters of the South Pacific…